The best online slots games in Canada

Online slots games have become one of the pillars of the casino offering. Any modern online casino in Canada will have hundreds and even thousands of slots games available for their players. For new players, online slots are usually the starting point. It is relatively inexpensive to play slots games for many hours without risking too much money. Of course, the more you risk, the more you can win. If you are interested in slots games, maybe you tried some free-to-play slots or watched some live streamer playing. Either way – on this page, we will go through the basics of online slots games.

Casinos in Canada that have the most slots games to play

When it’s time to play for real money,, you want to play the most fun slots with the highest possible payouts. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of online casinos in Canada with the most slots games to offer.


Different types of online slots commonly played

In recent years the diversity of online slots have increased a lot. There are the classic 3-reel slots, six-reel slots, video slots, progressive jackpot slots. Below we will go through the most common slots games you will find in Canadian online casinos.

Classic 3-Reel Slot Machines

3-reel slot machines are the classical fruit or bell machines that probably come to mind when you hear about online slots or classic land-based slot machines. It’s the most basic type of slot game with few paylines. They remain popular because they are so easy to understand and cater to beginners.

5-Reel Video Slots

5-reel video slots are a step-up from the traditional 3-reels. Video slots have a cinematic feeling and immersive themes. 5-reel video slots can get very advanced as some games offer up to 100 paylines. These slots commonly have special features like scatters and wilds. If you are new to playing with many paylines, be careful as even a $0.02 bet per line will cost you $2 in a 100 payline spin.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

With progressive jackpot slots, all players that play the game contributes to the total prize pool. Large providers like Microgaming have a popular progressive jackpot slot named Mega Moolah for example, where every spin made in all casinos contribute to the prize pool. The highest payout in a progressive jackpot slot was paid out last year. The amount was in excess of 20 million Canadian dollars.

Important slot features

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Bonus rounds provide players with an extra chance/s to win. Bonus rounds are generally unlocked when certain symbols line up. Bonus rounds come in different shapes and forms. They last for a shorter amount of time before the slot game goes back to normal.

Free spins are the most popular bonus feature in slots games. You will receive spins that don’t cost you any of your money, hence the name free spins.

Scatters and Wilds

As you probably know, regardless if you play a basic 3-reel or an immersive 5-reel with 50 paylines, you need to line up identical symbols to win. Scatters turn this logic on their head as they can land on any reel and count towards your paylines. Scatters are slots player’s best friend.

Wilds are another symbol you should be happy to see. Wilds can represent any symbol that can complete or extend winning paylines. So let’s say you have two matching cherries and a wild, then this will count as three cherries. Wilds can come in many shapes and forms, including stacked wilds, cascading wilds, sticky wilds and expanding wilds.

Cascading Symbols

Cascading symbols are often referred to as Tumbling Reels too. It’s the same function. When cascading symbols appear in your slot game, then the winning symbols that complete any paylines will disappear and be replaced by other symbols that cascade into where the winning symbols were. Cascading symbols is a free respin where there was a winning combination.


A payline is an invisible line that runs across the reels of the slot game. When you adjust how many paylines you want to play, you can see the animation of different paylines on top of the slot game’s reels. These are the lines where you wish symbols to match up so you can win. As you activate more paylines you also increase your total stake of each spin. So be careful when playing online slots with many paylines.


You will find a paytable on every slot game, that explains how much each symbol in the game is worth. By reading the paytable, you will get a better idea of the game before starting to play. And also how much you can expect to win if certain symbols line up.

RTP – Return To Player and Variance: Explained

If you played many online slots in your days or watched some streamers online, you probably heard about the term RTP on some occasions. RTP is short for Return To Player and is a vital aspect to keep track of when playing slots online.

RTP is the amount a slot will pay back to the players over a large sample of spins. RTP is always accompanied by a percentage unit, for example, 96.5%. This would mean that the slot game you are looking at has an RTP of 96.5%. This means that you would get $96.5 back from every $100 you put into the slot game. What RTP does is telling you how much you can expect to lose. RTP varies from slot game to slot game. As you might have figured out, you should look out for slots games with very high RTP.

Variance is a term that is often mentioned alongside RTP. They should not be confused despite being related. So RTP is the amount of money a slot game will give back over an infinite number of spins. Variance, on the other hand, is the rate at which the RTP is realized. Some online slots have lower variance which will give players small and frequent wins. On the other hand, high variance games will not have many small and medium wins but rather infrequent big wins that are generally realized through activating bonus features.

Slots with the highest RTP

Now that you have some newly acquired knowledge about RTP it is time to take a look at a couple of the slots games that have high RTP. These games are not necessarily the most fun games to play if you have other game preferences. But they are sure to give you value for your money and give you an OK amount of playing time.

  • Thunderstruck II: 96.65% with High variance
  • Reactoonz: 94.51% with High variance
  • Starburst: 96.1% with Low variance
  • Girls With Guns – Frozen Dawn: 96.26% with Medium-High variance
  • Leagues of Fortune: 96.49% with High variance

Best slot game providers

There is a ton of game providers available, most of them have their niches and special areas that they are good at. And, of course, the quality of the games can differ between game providers. It is an impossible task to say which providers are the best. You like to play and how you play all comes down to your unique taste in slot games. What we have done is that we collected the most popular ones that also regularly release new slots games of top quality. As you can see, all the providers below have released a lot of slots games. While quantity is not necessarily quality, at least there is a good chance that you find plenty of excellent games from these online slots providers.

  • NetEnt: 363+ slots
  • Evolution gaming: 150+ slots
  • Betsoft: 220+ slots
  • IGT: 239+ slots
  • Microgaming: 517+ slots
  • Playtech: 558+ slots

All of these providers have been around for long, most for over two decades, and IGT was founded all the way back in 1951. The games they make are fair, safe and fun to play.

FAQ Online slots in Canada


Online slots are great for many reasons, including potentially high payouts, huge jackpots, dynamic and immersive gameplay, easy to learn and a never-ending variety of games. There are thousands of online slots games available. We hope that this page provides you with a good starting point. Remember to always gamble responsibly!